Best coffee spots abroad

Guide to the best coffee spots abroad

Coffee makes the world go round. You can get coffee anywhere your travels take you but for coffee enthusiasts it’s sometimes about so much more than just the caffeine fix. It’s about the coffee experience! Getting lost in conversation with the locals and fellow tourists while embracing the coffee culture. Finding the best coffee spots abroad is a part of my travelling experience.

Best coffee spots abroad

My list of the best coffee spots abroad: Where to grab your coffee in cities around the world

1. Cape Town: Truth coffee

This vintage café is not only famous for their world class coffee but also the extraordinary setting of their shop. Situated in the centre of Cape Town this steampunk inspired artisan coffee spot is designed like no other. Decorated with vintage bicycles, typewriters, sewing machines and old candlestick telephones, the design even extends to the restrooms which have exposed copper pipes, old extending mirrors and Victorian tap levers. Voted the world’s best coffee shop by the Daily Telegraph for a second year in a row. You can taste the love and passion that this coffee has been made with. In one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all your senses will be stimulated while enjoying great coffee in a great surrounding. What more could you want? Truth coffee is truly one of the best coffee spots abroad!

2. Rome: Bar del Cappuccino

When it comes to coffee my preference is ALWAYS cappuccino! I was delighted to find this little café in Rome that specialises in cappuccinos and this gem became our morning coffee spot for the next few days. It’s a small and intimate setup, although it doesn’t look like much from the outside. Photographs and clippings about the moustachioed barista’s appearances around the world cover the interior. You can expect an intricate design of flowers, apples and hearts, tasty and pleasant to look at cappuccino. There are a few tables outside to sit down and relax while taking in this busy and vibrant city.

3. Athens: Melina Merkouri cafe

Coffee is a vital part of the Greek culture and the streets are streaming with local cafes throughout the country. But my experience with my first Greek coffee left me immensely disappointed . Served in a tiny cup that you sip from and unfiltered with sandy grounds, I didn’t realise that Greek coffee is bracingly strong. It just didn’t do it for me. For what must be the first time in my life I was unable to finish my coffee. I spent 2 weeks in Greece so thankfully I found myself an alternative and it was delicious – the Greek frappe. Minus all the added sugar and additives, It’s like an iced coffee but a lot healthier. I drank frappes daily at each island but my favourite was at Melina Merkouri café in Athens. It’s a charming and intimate setting and a great place to grab an ice cold frappe on a hot summers day.

4. Split: To je to

After not having much luck finding good coffee in Croatia, I finally came across this quaint little spot in Split. Hand roasted coffee is the speciality during the day while nights are filled with craft beer and live music. I only stuck around for the coffee but it gets very festive in the evenings. They serve organic coffee with a focus on quality and freshness. Delicious iced coffees, great for the Croatian summer heat is also on offer. Pumpkin spice latte and ‘spiked coffee’ (coffee infused with a shot of Jameson or a shot of local Orahovac) are two favourites. This is a real local spot with a relaxed atmosphere and a great spot to take a little time out while sipping on the best coffee in Split.

5. Trondheim: Café Le Frere

We were only in Trondheim for a day but I managed to find this charming little coffee bar that I would go back to in a heartbeat. Situated in the downtown area of Trondheim, they also serve pastries and light snacks but it’s all about the coffee! It’s a cozy little café with a great selection of coffee and a warm atmosphere. One of the best coffee spots in the world for a little break when exploring this beautiful city!

6. Barcelona: Faborit

Located next to one of Gaudi’s most famous pieces of work; Casa Batlo, this charming cafe is home to some of the best coffee in Barcelona. They specialise in coffee and chocolate but also offer a selection of salads, sandwiches and freshly made juices. The cafes modernist design makes for a great setting to enjoy your coffee and take in the Barcelona atmosphere. The location and charm of this little cafe means it’s definitely earned it’s place on this list of the best coffee spots abroad.

7. Nice: Marc de Cafe

Found in the old town of Nice, this centrally located cafe is surprisingly quiet and refreshing. Located in a quiet alleyway, off the busy streets of the town, you will find some of the best quality coffee here. A tidy, nicely decorated set up and charming atmosphere accompanied with some delicious food, you can expect a quintessential french experience in the heart of Nice. If you are looking for a meal it’s a good idea to arrive early to find the entire food selection and secure a table, as the place is small and tends to fill quickly. With fantastic reviews and a five star rating on TripAdvisor, Marc de Cafe earns it’s spot on the best coffee spots abroad.

8. London: The Association

Found in the centre of London, this little gem of a coffee shop is surprisingly hip and full of various coffee choices, that change according to the season. Tucked away in an ultra modern glass-fronted building, you could miss it from the outside but the interior is quirky with patterned table-tops and stylish, pin-legged furniture. The coffee here is truly amazing. If you want a London experience accompanied with some of the most delicious coffee that you will ever taste, you should definately visit here.



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All I ask is that my cappuccino or latte is made with fresh milk, not the boxed, shelf-stable stuff that won’t expire until I’m retired and living by the sea in Spain! Way too many cafes ruin great coffee with horrible milk!


That is a fantastic list and a coffee lover like me is intrigued to know if you have visited all them by yourself? I would most definitely add the filter coffee of southern india and vietnamese coffee to this list 🙂