• Heidiland Viator tour

    Heidiland Viator tour: From Zurich to Liechtenstein

    Get lost in a world of mountains, valleys, alpine lakes, meadows, and fascinating scenic routes on a guided coach tour from Zurich to Heidiland and Liechtenstein. Ok, I know that sounds a lot like advertising. But seriously, I can’t word it any other way – the possibilities are endless on the Heidiland Viator tour. The full day trip offered by Viator includes a city tour of Zurich, Rapperswil Old Town, Heidiland and the Liechtenstein Principality. The trip is from 11am to 6pm and gives you an exclusive view of some of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. We were only in Zurich for a few days and the Heidiland Viator…

  • Zurich getaway

    Zurich Getaway: A dreamy city of beauty

    Switzerland was a place that I was really looking forward to visiting. Everyone has heard about the beauty of Switzerland, it’s mountainous landscape, numerous lakes and high peaks of the Alps. Naturally, I jumped very excitedly at the opportunity for a Zurich getaway over the Easter weekend. For the chance to explore a little piece of Switzerland.