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Cruise Ship Dining: All You Need To Know

We all know that the cuisine on a cruise liner is out of this world, yet there are so many choices when it comes to food and drink, with formal and informal restaurants, not to mention room service. If you are new to holidaying onboard a luxury cruise liner, here are a few tips on how to get the best value with cruise cuisine.

Define Your Dining Preferences

You might be the type of person who likes to eat the same type of food a majority of the time, or you could be the adventurous sort – one who likes to try everything. There are several dining packages, and you are advised to spend some time browsing your options. Let’s not forget the independent restaurants, of which there are many that cover all cuisines. 

A Google search should lead you to cheap cruises from Brisbane. While looking at the services offered, you can also read about dining packages on the operator’s website, which would be varied. Dining options should be one of those factors you have to consider when booking a cruise. 

Defined Meal Times

If you prefer a sit-down evening meal at around the same time, then a dining package would suit you perfectly. That doesn’t mean you have to dine in the same place, as there is a wide range of dining options, and basically, this package would cover dinner in the evenings, plus breakfast would be optional. There are informative articles on cruise dining which you can find online and they’re must-reads for a novice cruiser.

Casual Eating

The majority of people prefer the flexibility of eating when hungry, and a lot of cruises offer a free midday meal, while there are restaurants where you pay as you would on land. If you calculate the frequency of meals you would like, you can crunch the numbers and find out the per-day amount that you will spend on food and beverages, then you can start to look at the various dining packages and compare prices.

Online Solutions

When you search online for a leading cruise operator, they would post the details of all dining packages, and should you have a query, they would have live support. Booking a berth on a cruise is not something to be rushed, and the website would have all the info you need on every aspect of the package.

Reserve Before Sailing

If you fancy one particular restaurant, then you should make your reservations before boarding, then you can be sure to be accommodated. Veteran cruisers will select specific dates and book their favourite table at several restaurants, while experimenting with other eateries during the other evenings.

Drinks Packages

If you like a drink or three when relaxing, you might save a little by upgrading to the alcoholic beverage packages, which allows you unlimited supply of most forms of alcohol (beers, wine, cocktails and spirits. Calculate your daily drink intake and work out what that would cost with a pay as you go format, then you can compare that with the drinks package.

If you do your research and can define your dining preferences, it is likely that a dining package will save you and your group some money.

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