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Good tip about getting a car that can handle those steep hills. I had no idea that this airport needed special pilot skills to land. I think Hong Kong’s airport used to be like that. I could be wrong, lol. And I had no idea it was named after the famous soccer player.

Josy A

Oooh it all looks so lush and green! I don’t mind skipping beaches for holidays, especially when there are such pretty places to explore!

Driving does sound pretty scary though. I am not a big fan of hill starts!!


Great photos and a fun read. I would totally do the cave tour too, for 7 euros it sounds like a treat to explore. I’ve never been to Madeira myself, but a friend who has just returned has told me its a place i must visit so I’ve added it to my long list of travels hehe


A road trip would definitely be a must through this beautiful landscape. We would definitely enjoy the mountains and caves while we’re there. We don’t have to have the beach. The view will be just fine for us.

Sinjana Ghosh

These pictures make me want to move to Madeira permanenty. Looks similar to the Amalfi coast that I read so much about , but this has some freshness to it. this is the first blog about Madeira that I am in love with the place already.


Wow! This island is stunning. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’ll definitely add it to my itinerary when I visit Portugal. Beautiful photos by the way.


Have not been to Madeira yet, though I loved visiting other cities in Portugal. Sintra, Porto, Evora are just a few of the cities I loved in Portugal. Madeira looks wonderful. I;m not a beach girl, so Madeira suits me just fine. Thanks for sharing your first-timers guide. This is perfect for my next Portugal trip!


The views in Madeira are absolutely out of this world. I’m all about road trips so thanks for helping me add this to my bucket list! The cave tour looks fun too and can’t believe how unreal it must’ve been getting to witness the product of a volcanic eruption that many years ago. Also didn’t now Ronaldo had an airport named after him!

Meenakshi J

I am gonna show this post to my son who is a big Ronaldo fan. Never knew about Madeira until now.A very useful guide for people like me


Madeira looks like a great place to explore.the greenery here is so impressive.would love to visit it sometime.