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3 years ago

Thank you for this informative post. Garden route is on my bucket list.

3 years ago

I have two friends traveling to South Africa in a few months and I am definitely sending this over to them! Garden Route looks insanely beautiful, i can’t wait until I can go!! such a super informative and helpful post, thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

These photos are so beautiful! I’ve never even heard of this place until today and now it’s on the bucket list for sure.

3 years ago

The garden route looks like an amazing area to explore. Is the Otter trail as fun to hike as it’s name suggests?

For me going in March would be a great time, when it’s less crowded.

3 years ago

What an incredible place and somewhere I’ve never heard of before! Plettenberg sounds amazing, I can’t believe those beaches – you guys are the only ones there, what a dream! Another destination for the never ending bucket list…

Joy Generoso
3 years ago

I’ve never heard about Garden Route in South Africa, I’m glad I’m able to check this article to learn about this place. It looks pretty amazing place for road trips and adventures. I’m definitely taking note of this for future use. I’ve never been to South Africa yet so this goes to our wanderlist. Your photos looks dreamy. Love it!

3 years ago

You had me at caves, hiking and canopies! Great bucket list! I’d love to visit South Africa some day. Seems like such a versatile country.

La Vida is Belle
3 years ago

Very detailed and informative post for those who plan to visit…I have never visited or heard of this place, now I know and seems like a beautiful destination with so much to do! Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your country!

3 years ago

What a great guide – and with great photos too! The Garden Route seems like a South Africa Must-Do for sure. I would love to check out the Robberg Nature Reserve; it looks lovely.

3 years ago

I love the garden route! Your pictures are amazing!
We were there just a few months ago. I wish I had your blog for reference. Well, I pinned it for I we ever get there again.
We loved Cape Town and all of Southern Africa.

3 years ago

This is a great detailed post. Have not been to South Africa yet and Cape Town is on my list. This is awesome to see such spectacular beaches. Ziplining through the forest looks like so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope to make it to South Africa soon!

2 years ago

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