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Holly Goodyear
4 years ago

I can’t say Ghent was previously on my radar but it sure is now! It looks lovely and sounds as if there’s a tonne to do there. P.S I love your outfit on the first photo! x

Angharad Paull
4 years ago

Waffles, pommes frites, chocolate and Belgian beer – sold! Great tips for a getaway in Ghent! I’ve been to Bruges, but never considered visiting Ghent, however your blog has changed my mind!

Katie Diederichs
4 years ago

I had never heard of Ghent before reading this, but wow, it looks stunning! The architecture, the beer and the food! Putting Ghent on my list!

4 years ago

Ghent is pretty much my soul-city. I absolutely fell in love with this place. I can’t believe you didn’t go to the top of the Belfry! Or see Graffiti Alley! You’re going to need to make another trip!

Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists

I would love to go to Ghent one day! I’ve heard so much about it! So far I’ve only made it to Brussels and Brugge, but I’m sure I’ll make it to this lovely city one day.

Jenny Ventura
4 years ago

I have not heard of Ghent but Belgium has always seemed like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. It sounds like a great trip for exploring!

4 years ago

Oh, my! This looks absolutely fabulous. I just love European cities built on waterways, and this one comes with waffles-yes!! Thanks for the great tips. I’ll be saving your post for future reference.

4 years ago

Man! You sold me on the way you described those frites! I love traveling for food and this sounds like a food and drink paradise!

4 years ago

I had no idea it was very vegetarian friendly! That is great to know. I have seen a few pictures of Ghent but it is definitely not as well known as other Belgian destinations!

4 years ago

First of all I wanna high five to your boyfriend for liking the same beers like me 😀 esspecily delirium with those cute pink elephants:D Ghent seems like a lovely and romantic place ! I love hidden gems in Europe like that! I haven’t visit Belgium yet but it’s on the list!

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