Lake Bled in winter

Lake Bled winter holiday: Slovenia’s winter wonderland

A few weeks ago, we embarked on our very first European ski trip with some of our best friends from home. Our destination, for our very first ski experience, Slovenia, a place that has well and truly stolen my heart. While the purpose of our trip was to ski, it was Lake Bled that really stole the show. Beautiful in summer but a Lake Bled winter is absolutely breathtaking.

Slovenia is without a doubt one of the most magical winter destinations in the world. Located between Italy, Croatia and Austria and set amongst grand lakes and mountains, the picturesque towns really come to life when covered in frost and snow. With spectacular scenery and a vibrant cultural scene, I highly recommend organising a ski trip to bled. There are of course many other areas to ski in Slovenia but Bled, home to Lake Bled is truly something out of a fairytale.

Reasons for a Lake Bled winter holiday

Lake Bled winter

1. Peace and tranquillity

Lake Bled is one of the most visited sites in Slovenia. It goes without saying that during the warmer months, particularly summer, it can become overcrowded. But show up here in winter and you can experience Lake Bled in all its majestic glory.

In the height of winter you will find a pleasant Slovenian town, surrounded by snow capped mountains and a slow paced life. This is the perfect place to relax and reflect on all that is happening around you. You will find it both glorious and quiet.

2. Frozen: You could be the next ice queen

Could you think of anything more magical than ice skating on Lake Bled in winter? The lake freezes over once every 5 – 9 years. If you’re not lucky enough to be there when this does happen, there is a small man made ice rink outside the Park Restaurant and Café overlooking the Lake.

It’s hard to beat the beauty of gliding over the ice with the sun beaming down on you while taking in the fairytale setting around you.

Lake Bled in Winter

3. Magical views

The most beautiful view of Lake Bled and its surrounding peaks can be seen from the Bled castle towering over the lake on a cliff. While the views here are breathtaking all throughout the year, nothing can beat the the view of the snow-covered castle perched on a cliff and the alpine  scenery in the background.

The snow topped castle and frosted outskirts of the town, make for a distinctive and unforgettable landscape. Just take a look at some of the photograph captures by Bored Panda. These are beautiful views that you definitely would not get in summer.

4. Row your boat

Situated in the middle of Lake Bled, you will find Bled island. This is a tiny isle that you can usually reach by paddle boat. However, if the lake has frozen over, you can actually make your way by foot. But you will need to proceed with caution since it is icy and dangerous. On Bled island you will find the most recognizable place in Slovenia, the church of assumption. It’s worth the visit and you can get some amazing photos from here.

However, the best part about making this trip in winter is that you can take a boat out across the still waters with nobody else in sight. It is a truly beautiful experience.

Lake Bled in Winter

5. Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica

These are the hills which rise above the west shore of Lake Bled. This is a relatively easy and pleasant hike where the climb will reward you with some of the best views of the lake, the island, castle and the Karavanke mountain chain in the background. While there’s no doubt that the climb will be easier during the summer, there is something magical in the air when experiencing Lake Bled in winter. It could be the frosted mountain tips, or the snow capped castle or maybe it’s just the fresh breeze. Whatever it is, it’s magic!


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Aw, it looks incredible. I’ve only been to Bled in summer, but now I definitely want to go back just once to see it in the snow 🙂


Lake Bled sounds so fun and the sights are stunning!! I would love to visit Slovenia some day! I really enjoyed reading your post!

Josy A

This looks so, so beautiful! I’d love to have a holiday here, although I know I’d take a zillion photos!

How was the skiing? I am still just getting to grips with skis, so I’d need a few easy runs (I can only cope with the green and blue runs in Canada) would there be good ski options for relative newbies, or were the runs more for experts?

Tiffany H.

I’m not a fan of the cold and snow but I cant deny these pictures look dreamy and beautiful. I would be super afraid to walk on the ice that could potentially crack under pressure. I think I would rather much row a boat when the temperatures get warm. Glad you had a great trip.


Wow. That photo of the whole lake is breath-taking! I’m not a skier, but family is. So – maybe I can talk up Lake Bled and just explore a bit with my camera! Thanks for putting this on my radar. 😀

Divya: Gone With A Whim

I was in Slovenia this autumn by a stroke of lunch. Honestly, I didn’t know much about the country so I was blown away when I discovered how lovely it was. It seems even better in the winter 🙂 Great photos and post, I’m longing to go back in the winter some year Xx


Wow! This looks so magical! I would love to visit one day! Is it extremely cold and unbearable weather in the winter time?


I was to visit Slovenia for work last week but my boss went instead and now i know what i missed. What gorgeous views!! Looks like you had a blast with friends.


Wow, Lake Bled was one of my top Summer spots to go to this year but I had no idea it would be so magical and wintry this time of year too! I’d love to do the hike too, as long as it wasn’t tooooo slippy!!