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3 years ago

What an amazing place. I loved everything about it! The Initiation Well and that waterfall…oh and obviously the palace design! I could spend days walking around and taking pictures.

Michelle M
3 years ago

I’ve never heard of this castle, and it looks so gorgeous! And at only 6 euros to tour it? I’ll definitely have to add this to my list when visiting Lisbon. Your outside-photo-opp is definitely my favorite, it’s so pretty.

3 years ago

Quinta da Regaleira Palace is so awesome, like something out of a fairytale- especially the caves! Thank you for the informative post and photos!

Krista Staudinger
3 years ago

This is such a helpful guide! I wish I hadn’t missed this gorgeous palace back when I was in Sintra (on a school trip!). Now I’ll just have to go back and use your blog as my personal tour guide.

3 years ago

Was there information available on site about the person who designed the gardens and building? It always makes me feel so sad when history focuses on the rich person who commissioned the amazing building or beautiful garden, but rarely mentions the actual creative person behind such a lasting sight.

3 years ago

This looks like a dream and I can only imagine how amazing it was in person! I honestly haven’t heard about this place until today, but now it’s on my “must visit” list! Thanks for all the great tips on spots to hit!

3 years ago

As a photographer, I would love to be here. Such a beautiful place. I’ve only ever had one day in Lisbon when I stopped for a layover. Would love to go back and see Sintra one day.

Aimee horgan
3 years ago

Oh wow that first photo it looks so lush and green and reminds me of Hawaii. And the initiation well is so cool, I’ve never seen anything like it. I would definitely try to pencil in a visit here when I’m in Portugal

3 years ago

I’ve heard of Sintra before but it never made a blip on my radar! It looks wonderful though, and I’ll definitely have to reconsider haha, thank you for opening my eyes!!

Rachel Silverwood
3 years ago

Ok this palace looks like something out of Disney movie! Every part of the grounds just look so magical, will definitely add a visit to my itinerary for when I travel to Lisbon next year!

3 years ago

I´ve been to Lisbon last year and I am so sad that I didn´t make it to Sintra. The Quinta da Regaleira Palace really looks and sounds like out of a fairytale. SoI guess it is a very good reason to go back to Portugal 😉 For that, I will definitely keep your great guide!

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