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3 years ago

First of all, your dress and your pictures are absolutely lovely! I didn’t realize that public transportation wasn’t that accessible in Wales, but I like renting cars anyways. Much better to be able to make impromptu stops and take photos or whatever. It’s awesome that you got to enjoy family while also taking in some unknown sites! Great post!

Josy A
3 years ago

Oooh you got so lucky with that lovely weather!!

I have sooo many memories of Holyhead (I spent my childhood waiting for ferries to Ireland there with my family, dog and three cats!!) The thing is, apart from walking our dog along the local beaches, we hardly ever got to explore the area…we’d just drive through, or maybe stop for food. It is really nice to see more about the island’s surroundings. 😀

Catherine @ To & Fro Fam

I’ve never been to Wales, but for some reason in my head it was much greyer and less pretty. This looks like a gorgeous vacation spot for the family!

3 years ago

I’ve never heard of any of these places but now I want to go there so badly! Your photos are beautiful… I wanted to jump right in!

Betws-y-coed looks like a fairytale! What a cute place. Loved this post!

3 years ago

What a beautiful place! And sounds like you had a great experience. So nice that you had great weather; from what I know it’s pretty rare in Wales. Love your photos!

3 years ago

Ooh great post! Especially love the views you captured of Menai Strait – absolutely stunning!

3 years ago

Omg Betws-y-coed looks adorable! So picturesque and I can see why it would be so popular! I would love going to Plas Newydd and having a coffee and a baked good – honestly those moments are some of my favourite when we are on holiday! Overall Wales looks so scenic, you are lucky to have a family connection and be able to visit – it is definitely on our list of spots we’d love to visit! Thanks for the info!

3 years ago

Taking a trip to see some family you haven’t seen in a long time always gives a special feel to the place right! I haven’t explored much of Wales, but what I saw, I loved! Beautiful dresses you are wearing by the way 🙂

Joy Generoso
3 years ago

What a lovely place! Plus exploring it with the family was truly an unforgettable experience, if I may say. Plas Newydd is so pretty.Your photos are amazing. Love the blue skies and lots of greens, your visit was blessed with beautiful weather. Hopefully I’d get a chance to visit this place too.

3 years ago

Such a lovely place! Rich in blue and comfy views… it must have been an amazing experience to explore all of this with your loved ones! You’re all look great!

3 years ago

wow I can’t believe this is in Wales, what a stunning place to be. Fantastic photos too by the way

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