One day in Brussels

One day in Brussels: A city in pictures

Plan on travelling to Brussels? Wonderful choice. We didn’t have much time in the city of united nations but we enjoyed every minute of it. Truthfully, I didn’t have high expectations for Brussels because most people that I had spoken to weren’t particularly impressed by it. We stayed in Ghent during our Belgium trip – a must see – and made our way to Brussels for a day-trip. Since we didn’t spend a lot of time here, I don’t have much insight into what it’s like to stay in the city itself, but I can tell you where to get some of the best photos. Here’s my take on spending one day in Brussels.

I should probably mention that we were very fortunate with the weather. The sun isn’t always shining in Brussels and it definitely made for a more pleasant experience. But hey, I guess that’s true for just about any place that you visit. 

One day in Brussels: A selection of photos

One of the most beautiful spots that we found in Brussels was Mont des Arts. This location offers one of the finest views of the city. I’ve also seen some incredible night time photo’s in this very spot. So, if you have a good enough camera, check it out in the evening too.

Postcards from BrusselsThe royal palace of Brussels is the King’s administrative residence and main workplace. He works here daily with his staff. It’s also a beautiful spot to snap a few shots. This is where the stunning firework show takes place on Belgium’s National Day. The palace has been standing here since the 12th century. Today, it opens its doors to curious visitors and locals for a couple of months a year – during the summer. If you happen to be in Brussels during this time, you might want to take a peak inside.

Postcards from Brussels

Postcards from Brussels

Postcards from Brussels

One day in BrusselsLocated in the city, you will find the carillon at Mont des Arts. This is a Jacquemart Carillion clock completed with 24 bells and can be found on an arch of the Mont des Arts. On the starshaped clock, every hour is represented by a painted figurine, and each figurine represents a historical figure in Brussels. You can recognize Jacquemart type clocks by the character on top which marks every hour by striking the bell with a hammer.

Postcards from BrusselsThis was another postcards from Brussels moment. Who doesn’t love a good statue picture right? Taken very close to the royal palace, just down the road.

Postcards from Brussels

Looking back on these pictures, I really wish we had more than one day in Brussels. There’s so much more to this incredible city than meets the eye. Although Brussels is a small city, it’s made up of 19 municipalities, meaning there are plenty of areas waiting to be discovered. Whether it’s checking out the trendy cultural scene, enjoying the tasty cuisine, or visiting the tourist hot spots, this city certainly deserves more than a couple of hours of your time.

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Postcards from Brussels

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