One day in Korcula

One day in Korcula: Little Dubrovnik

Korcula has got to be one of the cutest little destinations that I have ever been to. Admittedly, I knew next to nothing about this island before our trip to Croatia last year. Now, it’s a place that I will never forget. For such a small island, it certainly has a lot to offer. From beaches to vineyards, and cocktail bars with the best view in town to trendy restaurants and clubs, this is one of Croatia’s most happening islands. One day in Korcula was not enough. But, it’s all we had time for and we made sure to make the most of it.

Given the nickname of “Little Dubrovnik” you can expect an island full of culture, history, beauty, and electric charm. Built on a small peninsula that extends out into the Peljesac channel, the Old Town boasts a medieval look and the same picturesque Venetian-style buildings and red rooftops like in Dubrovnik. Hence the nickname “Little Dubrovnik.”

Although we only had one day in Korcula, as part of our Croatia island hopping trip, we managed to see and do a lot. If you have more time, I would definitely recommend spending a few more days here – I would have love to. You could spread the below activities out over two or three days and, of course, add a few more things to your itenary, like wine-tasting (maybe next time for me). Here’s everything you need to know about spending one day in Korcula.

One Day in Korcula

Getting there

In case you’re wondering, there is no airport on the island. During summer, there are many direct ferries from the mainland and between islands. This would be the easiest and most convenient way to get to Korcula. However, there is also the option of using a bus. Assuming that you are making your way from Split or Dubrovnik (the closest airports), here are your options:


From May through to October, there is a direct ferry available. It will take you about 2-hours and costs 110 HRK ($17 USD) per person. The bus will take you 3-hours and also includes a ferry. The cost is 100 HRK ($15 USD) per person.


Ferries between Split and Korcula are available all year around. It take 2.5 hours and is 120 HRK ($18 USD) per person.

Other options

There are also direct ferries available from Mljet and Hvar. Indirect ferries are available from other islands. If you only in Korcula for a day, the best thing that you can do is make sure that the ferry drops you off straight at Korcula Old Town and not Vela Luka – which is on the other side of the island. The taxi ride from Vela Luka to the Old Town would take you 45 minutes which is some valuable time that you would miss out on exploring the island.

What to do with one day in Korcula

If you’re like us, you will want to make the most of your very short time in Korcula, unless of course, you’re lucky enough to be spending a few more days here. Here are some of the must-do activities with only one day in Korcula.

Indulge in some Vino

Korcula is well-known for its white grape wine and white wine. The most famous wine of Korcula is Posip. It has an intense aroma and flavor and certainly an acquired taste. But, if you like it, then you going to love it. Another popular choice is Plavac Mali. This is a full-bodied red that’s found around the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and is possibly the best known wine of the country. Many of Croatia’s best and most expensive wines are Plavac Mali.

We stumbled across a fabulous little wine bar called “Bokar” up one of the little side streets in the Old Town. This was one of the best bar experiences that we had in Croatia – amazing wine and the friendliest people. The staff here will tell you absolutely everything you want to know about the Korcula wine culture and recommend only the best wines to try.

One day in Korcula
One day in Korcula

Happy hour with a view

There is no better place to watch the sunset than from Massimo cocktail bar. If you have only one day in Korcula, you should definitely enjoy a sunset cocktail here. It’s pricey but worth it. Situated on top of medieval Zakerjan Tower (Berim Tower), you will have to climb a few stairs and then a steep ladder through a small hatch to reach the outside seating area. Once you at the top you will have the most incredible view with the

Who wouldn’t want to climb a ladder in a tower to get a cocktail, right? The bar also has a section on the lower level that you need only climb a few stairs to get to. But the real fun…….and beauty is up top. Your drinks will be brought up from the lower level to the top of the tower via a pulley system and then transferred to a tray and served to the table – so no the waiters aren’t expected to make their way up the steep ladder with drinks in hand, just in case you were wondering.

One day in Korcula
One day in Korcula

Visit Marco Polo’s House

Although the information is sketchy, Korcula boasts the fact that Marco Polo was from their island. Found amongst the streets in the Old Town is the House of Marco Polo. This is believed to be the childhood home of the famous world traveller and writer. Korcula has several Marco Polo stores that can be found throughout the town and part of the house is open for a visitors tour. We didn’t take the tour but we did spend a bit of time exploring the outside area and checking out the stores, which is worth it if you only have one day in Korcula.

One day in Korcula

One day in Korcula
One day in Korcula

Explore the Old Town

Filled with rustic charm, palm-lined streets and ancient surrounding walls, Korcula town is the perfect combination of beauty and history. With one day in Korcula, you should certainly spend a couple of hours wandering around the winding streets of the Old Town. Filled with cute little art and jewellery shops as well as outstanding architecture, Korcula Old Town is incredibly beautiful.

The Old Town is packed with the main tourist attractions like Marco Polo’s house and St Mark’s Cathedral. It’s also home to some of the best food that this little island has to offer. Quaint family-owned restaurants are homely and serve some of the most tasty dishes. The Old Town has a lot to offer and deserves a few hours of your time.

Korcula old town
One day in Korcula
One day in Korcula
One day in Korcula

Climb St Mark’s Cathedral

You can make your way up to the highest point in Korcula Old Town; at the top of St Mark’s Cathedral. It’s a fairly steep climb up a narrow spiral staircase to the bell tower, where you will be greeted with some incredible panoramic views of the city, and the stunning Adriatic sea.

It will cost you 25 HRK to climb the bell tower and the entry fee can be paid on the first level. The whole experience will only take you around 20 minutes, so it won’t take a lot of time out of your one day in Korcula.

One day in Korcula

More on Korcula

Given that we had such a short time on this beautiful island, we didn’t get to explore half as much as we would like to have. If you have more than one day in Korcula, here are a few other things to add to your itinerary. I plan on doing these things the next time we visit:

  • Rent bikes to explore: This is a wonderful island to explore by bike. You can ride through vineyards, discover secluded beaches, and take in some incredible views.
  • Explore the beaches: This island has so many beaches to choose from; Bilin Zal, Vela Przina, and Vaja beach are among the favourites.
  • Windsurf: Korcula offers an array of watersport activities with windsurfing being one of the most popular. I can’t think of anything better than gliding out over the open sea with views of the island ahead.
  • Go on a wine tour: Being that Croatia is one of the greatest wine nations in the world and Korcula is a wine hub, I would love to experience a traditional wine tasting tour here.

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One Day in Korcula

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Kelsey Cetin

I have had Croatia high on my list for a while and I am so glad I learned about this little island! It looks like a beautiful place to explore and relax! Thank you for sharing about your time there 🙂

Diana Chen

I really wish I would’ve had more time in Dubrovnik (and Croatia in general) to make some trips out to the islands like Korcula. Grabbing drinks with friends in a castle tower sounds amazing, and those views from the top are gorgeous. I love the weather forecasting sign too haha – reminds me of Karen from Mean Girls predicting the weather with her boobs.


I went to Korcula nearly 9 years ago now! I’d forgotten how beautiful it was. It sounds like there is a lot more happening on the island now. We did it with a trip to Hvar. But I’d love to go back for more island hoping around Croatia. I’ve pinned this for when I need to plan our days in Korcula! 🙂


Wow! I’ve never been to Croatia yet but I would love to go there next year. Definitely your adventure is so fun Korcula is indeed a replic of Dubrovnik I can feel the Game of Thrones effect there. Hope to visit this town too. Added it to my list!

Miss Filatelista

I spent a month in Croatia and didn’t know of this beautiful town! Thanks for sharing.

Shivani Sharma

Croatia is rising up on my bucket list & I’d try to visit Korcula going by its beautiful architecture. I prefer white wine better, so as per your recommendation, I’d try Posip surely.


Great suggestions! I love the idea of the Massimo Cocktail bar – a great view AND drinks?! – but it’s the getting back down after those drinks that worries me, haha


I love the fact that MARCO POLO is supposedly from this little town. That’s kinda cool, seeing as he’s supposedly Italian. But overall, super cute and inviting town. Looks like I’m adding it to the list! Cheers!


I love wine and especially unique local wines found in many countries. Posip and Plavac Mali sound like two wines i’d love to discover. The old town is quaint and the stone weather forecast is hilarious. I’m itching to visit Croatia and we’ll now be adding Korcula to that list!!

Anjali W

Wow! the pictures are so beautiful. Never heard about korcula before. It has so many lovely places to visit there. Thanks for sharing.