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3 years ago

I’m not much of a hiker, but if I was going to do any, this would be on the top of my list. It looks incredible and what a great experience for you to have had. I’d definitely pack a picnic and enjoy some time on the reserve.

3 years ago

I’ve never heard of this hike before but it is gorgeous! It’s really cool how the Robberg hike takes you through different landscapes and there is even the opportunity to see seals. That beach does look like a nice place to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch. Because of the sand, I think I would wear hiking style sandals for this hike, or pack a pair of flip flops!

3 years ago

Wow, what a gorgeous hike! It’s a shame that you didn’t get to start the hike earlier in the day so you could get to the point. But I wouldn’t be at all disappointed with the Robberg Hike that you did!

Jenny Ventura
3 years ago

I am not the best hiker, but this seems like something I can conquer. And oh my goodness, your photos are incredible!

3 years ago

Looks like a gorgeous hike, too bad you got such a late start. I love your idea of packing a picnic and hanging out on that beach.

3 years ago

I love hiking! After reading your post I can totally understand why you called it one of the greatest hike, it look amazing there. Hiking shoes and sand might not be the best but better this than get hurts 🙂 I’m adding this to my bucket list, your photos are so beautiful need to see this in real and the seals and whales if I am lucky!

3 years ago

Such beautiful landscapes and so serene. I love hiking especially next to the water. From your pictures, it’s clear why you love this hike so much. I’ve not been to South Africa, but when I do visit, going on this hike will be on my list 🙂

Anna Schaeffer
3 years ago

Wow! What an incredibly beautiful hike. Also, you dress sooo much cuter for hikes than I do!! lol

Anjali W
3 years ago

Amazing! The Robberg Nature Reserve has such fantastic views. The hike trails are scenic too. I am glad I now know about this hike, would love to go for it whenever I visit South Africa. Thanks for all the information on it 🙂

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