Visiting Russia in winter

Visiting Russia In The Winter Months

Russia is exceptionally breathtaking in winter!

Travelling and exploring Russia in the winter months can offer so much and some say they prefer the magic experienced in these cooler periods than the summer time. 

With so much to offer in terms of culture, sights and things to see and do, Russia is a hotspot on the travel itinerary. If you are looking for some ideas for planning your Russian trip then look no further. Whether you still need to book your Trans-Siberian railway holidays or want a little bit of inspiration for something lined up, this article will be a great read for all things Russia. 

Why Visit Russia In The Winter

Make your visit to Russia unforgettable with the following ideas on where to drop by and what to see. 

  • Book a magical performance.

During the winter months, the ballet and opera performances come into full swing and you can book some spectacular shows. Observe world-class talent and shows whilst exploring the city. It gives you awesome insight into the culture and famous Russian artists that are well-respected in the country and even globally. Check out the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow for sure whilst you’re out there! 

  • Book a ticket on the Trans-Siberian railway.
Russian train

This train ride is not to be missed as you will see the snowcapped mountains and beautiful sights Russia has to offer, you will get a glimpse of more spots than you normally would in the warmth of the train. It’s great if you want to plan multiple stops such as Lake Baikal and observe the variety of ice activities on display.

  • Get involved in the national holidays. 

Across Russia you will see famous winter holidays taking place and it’s a big part of the culture. With modern and older traditions, you can immerse yourself in a handful of celebrations that give you a good insight into the Russian way of life and their valued customs. Partake in the gift giving, pancake week and more as you sniff the fir trees and soak up the Russian delights. 

  • Make the most of winter specific activities. 

In Russia, you can find plenty of things to do revolved around the winter season from ice skating to ice trekking. If you want to go dog sledding on Lake Baikal or see the frozen Moscow River, these are all adventures that are possible when you spend winter in Russia. Go skateboarding in Sochi and check out the mountain winter resorts as you book the skiing trip of a lifetime. 

As you can see, there are plenty of adventures to be had in winter whilst in Russia. It is a country that is well-prepared for the winter months and no matter what the season, there will always be plenty to do and see when in Russia.

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