Why See One Country When You Can See Three?

When we think about going on holiday, we usually always think about going to one country. It might be a lovely hotel in a beach destination. Or it might be a little city break in Europe. And it’s usually only that one country that people stick to, because who has the money to hop from country to country? Well, you do, because it’s not as hard as you think. It’s so easy to think of a big going to different countries as being too expensive, or stepping into backpacking territory. But in fact, this is an opportunity of a lifetime that so many of us are missing out on. Even if it does require a little bit of extra money, the experiences you’re going to gain from country hopping is amazing, and we think you only have so long to get out there and do it. So if this sounds like it’s right up your street, but you’re wondering how you’re ever going to go about something like this, then the article we’re going to write will point you in the right direction. Once you catch a travelling bug like this one, big holidays with big destinations is all you’re going to want to do.

South America, Mexico, US

South America is seriously underrated, mainly because it’s right next to Mexico and the US, and they seem to be getting all the attention. So you could start by first looking at a Ecuador, Andes and Galapagos vacation, and hitting the major tourist spots that they have to offer. From climbing up the Andes, to taking a detour into Columbia, this really would be an experience of a lifetime. Then a short plane ride would take you into Mexico, where Riviera Maya awaits you. You could go to Cancun, but we feel like it’s too party for the vibe of this article. Riviera maya is full of astounding beauty, and the XEL-HA park should definitely be on your list. And to finish off, why not visit just one of the states the US has to offer. We know visiting a few at a time would just be too much, so pick the one you desire the most.

Bali, Australia, New Zealand 

All three of these should definitely be on your hit list, and if they’re not, you should seriously be questioning why. So to start with, once you get the initial leg of the journey over, they’re all pretty close together. Starting in Bali is perfect, because the vibe there is just so relaxing and spiritual, and boy does this country hold some natural beauty. From the temples to the waterfalls, to the surfing on the beach, you’d be crazy to never try and get yourself there at some point in your life. Then all you have to do is hop on a plane to Australia, and you’ve hit the motherland. It’s full of incredible cities to explore, islands off the coast to go snorkelling on, and people that will have you laughing until you hurt. Then onto New Zealand, the perfect mix of that city vibe, with natural beauty that can be seen in films such as the Lord of The Rings. To hit all of these countries right, it’s definitely worth trying to make it a month long thing. Rushing it in two weeks just isn’t enough, and three would have a lot of it taken up by travelling. Whereas four really is the sweet spot!

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