Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

Wine Tasting at Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya, Thailand

The Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya is hidden away in the beautiful mountainous areas in the countryside southeast of Pattaya. If you are looking for a place to escape from the city and like the idea of taking in some breathtaking views while sipping on some local wine, then Silverlake vineyard is definitely the place to go.

While Thailand certainly doesn’t have a wine pedigree to rival that of Napa Valley or the Cape Town wine region, the charming Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya makes for an enjoyable day in the countryside. For us, it was a much welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya city. We had been to the Pattaya floating market the week before which was an incredible experience. But it was super busy and we loved the idea of escaping into the mountains for a little while.

With its Italian style buildings, classic fountain, European styled windmill, and the vineyard, all centered around a large natural lake, the Silverlake winery is a breath of fresh air. Before I go any further, it’s probably worth mentioning that you shouldn’t visit here expecting a “world-class” winery. After all, when you think Thailand, wine and vineyard are probably two of the last things that come to mind. But, if you’re looking for something different to do in the area, it’s worth checking out.

Silverlake vineyard Pattaya wine tasting
Silverlake vineyard entracnce

About the Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

The Silverlake winery was established in 2002 by Supansa Nuangphirom, a former Thai actress, and her husband Surachai Tangjaitrong. They envisioned a place where wine lovers and music lovers could experience both in a beautifully cultivated outdoor setting. The views at Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya speak for themself. It’s like stepping into a quaint European town, far away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya city.

The first vintage wine of Silverlake was ready for distribution in 2006. Currently, the winery produces about 10,000 bottles a year. These are available to purchase in the vineyard shop. During our visit we sampled the Silverlake Shiraz (red), Cabernet Sauvignon (red), Sauvignon Blanc, and their Rose specialty. I’m not usually a fan of red wine, but their Shiraz was one of the best that I’ve tried. I’m no wine connoisseur, so don’t take my word for it, but I would suggest at least giving it a try.

The Silverlake Vineyard is situated next to Khao Chi Chun, also known as Buddha mountain. Buddha mountain displays one of the largest images of Buddha in the world and is a major tourist attraction in Pattaya. You can make the perfect day trip by visiting both of these attractions in one day. The Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya is only 1 km up the road from Buddha mountain. In fact, you can get a glimpse of Buddha mountain while taking a vineyard tour.

Entering the reception area of Silverlake is free. You can enter the building, visit the little shop, order some food and wine from the local cafe and snap a few photos of the main area and building. However, if you want to see more of the property and visit the winery, you will need to take a tour.

European styled windmill
Watering the Thai gardens
Beautiful gardens

The Silverlake vineyard Pattaya wine tour

Since the vineyard is quite large and it is very hot in the area, visitors can tour the vineyard in an electric tram. In fact, it doesn’t seem as though you are allowed to walk around the premises freely. If you want to explore Silverlake you will need to take a tour. You can easily book a tour on the premises at the reception area next to the fountain.

There are two tour packages on offer at Silverlake. A vineyard tour and a wine tasting tour. Guess which one we opted for?? Haha. As part of both tours you will be driven around the beautiful grounds of Silverlake vineyard in a large electric cart that seats about 15 people. The driver will stop a few times to allow you to take some photos. The tour will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Vineyard tour

As part of the vineyard tour you will be driven around the beautiful gardens and vineyard area of Silverlake. If you visit in the right season you will get to see the grapes growing on the vines. A stop will be made at the grape juice bottling plant and you will get a free bottle of grape juice to try. This option costs 130 baht.

Wine tasting tour

This tour is exactly the same, but with the addition of a winery tour and wine tasting experience. You will be given a tour through the winery and then be taken through to the restaurant area for wine tasting. Two free glasses of wine are included in the package. The total cost for this one is 250 baht.

Silverlake fountain
Wine tasting
Silverlake wine tasting

How to get to Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

Initially we didn’t realize how far the Silverlake Vineyard was from the center of Pattaya. We used the baht bus and three or four Baht buses later, we made it! So it is possible to get there using the baht bus, but I wouldn’t recommend it. While getting there wasn’t too tricky, we really struggled to find our way back.

There are not many baht buses in the area. Very few actually. We probably waited around for at least 45 minutes until one eventually came past. Our only other option (had a baht bus not come past) would have been to call a taxi service. However, it probably would have been quite expensive since there were no taxis in the area either.

It seems as though most people either drive themselves there – so if you’ve hired a car it should be easy enough. The other option is to go with a tour group or hire a cab service for a few hours. The famous Nong Nooch Tropical gardens are very close by to Silverlake vineyard Pattaya. Many tour companies offer day tours that will take you to Buddha mountain, Nong Nooch tropical gardens, and Silverlake vineyard. Travel Hub is one of companies in the area that offers some great tour packages.

Where to stay in Pattaya

Most of the time we book our accommodation through Airbnb. If you haven’t yet signed up on Airbnb you can follow my link here and get £33 off your first home booking, and £12 to use towards an experience worth £40 or more.

We found a wonderful apartment inside Arcadia Beach Resort. Equipped with all the essentials and featuring a swimming pool area and gym, we could not have asked for more here. 

Vineyard Bliss

Why visit Silverlake vineyard Pattaya?

While the Silverlake vineyard wasn’t the most beautiful vineyard that I’ve ever seen, it was a fabulous escape from Pattaya city. It felt like we were in a far away land out in the mountains. In reality, it’s only about a 25 minute drive from the center of Pattaya. A lot of effort has been put into designing a beautiful outdoors area for visitors to experience.

If you’re a wine enthusiast and love the idea of a proper Thai wine experience, you may want to check out the 5 Best Vineyards in Thailand.

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When you think of Thailand, vineyard and wine tasting are probably two of the last things that cross your mind. While it certainly doesn't have a wine pedigree that could compete with Napa Valley or the Cape Town wine route, Silverlake vineyard in Pattaya is a fabulous place to escape into the countryside. If you like the idea of sipping wine while taking in breathtaking views, find out more here. If you like it, don't forget to pin #winetasting #thailand #silverlake #vineyard #silverlakewine

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Perfect timing. We are heading to Thailand in four days!

Sophie van der Meulen

This is so cool! I love wine tasting and I had no idea there were vineyards in Thailand. Now I’m sad I won’t have time to do it before I leave Thailand tomorrow 🙁


What a gorgeous place. I would never have thought of visiting a vineyard in beautiful Pataya but looks truly amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Great post! I didn’t realize wine tasting could be a nice activity in Thailand. Definitely off the beaten track!