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Wonderful Destinations For Adventurous Travellers To See In 2020

Exploring the world is a fantastic way to learn new things and enrich the soul. It’ll give you opportunities to learn things about other parts of the world and other ways of life. It’ll also give you opportunities to appreciate the natural beauty of other places in the world. Of course, when you’ve already spent a lot of your life travelling, you might feel as if you’ve seen all of the great destinations out there. Or, if you’ve done very little travelling, you might have no idea as to where you should begin. With one year ending and a new one on the horizon, these are some wonderful destinations for adventurous travellers to see in 2020.


Russia is a beautiful country that every traveller needs to see at some point. You should start by visiting Moscow, of course. The capital of Russia is a megacity that attracts an abundance of tourists on a yearly basis. This megacity is a ginormous destination with so many fantastic things to see and do. If you don’t want to wait until next year to see it, you could visit Moscow during the winter months because the city really comes alive during this cold period of the year. You’ll find world-class ballet and opera performances at theatres throughout the city. The Bolshoi Theatre, in particular, puts on some absolutely astounding performances. The frozen Moscow River is also spectacular to witness during wintertime. Moscow really does thrive in the cold.

If you want to experience more of Russia, you should ride the Trans-Siberian train. A journey along this railway line will introduce you to so much of the beauty on offer in this vast place. You’ll see plenty of snow-capped mountains, for starters. Being such a huge country, Russia is sparsely-populated in many areas, and that means the majority of its natural splendour has been left untouched. You can admire all of it from the warmth and comfort of a train. It’s definitely worth taking this train if you want to stop at iconic locations, such as Lake Baikal. You can even go dog-sledding on this wonderful lake if you visit it during the winter, when the water has frozen. So, if you’re an adventurous traveller who’s looking for a wonderful destination to visit this winter or next winter, then you should definitely explore Russia. There are plenty of exciting activities waiting for you.


Bhutan is a country that you might not have considered visiting before. Perhaps you’ve not even heard of it. This small landlocked country in South Asia is a hidden gem, however. It’s well worth exploring if you’re looking for a new kind of adventure. You might even want to do some research and find a good Bhutan tour. That way, you can get help from an experienced guide to see iconic places, such as the Himalayan Kingdoms. There’s so much to see in this small place; it’s packed with opportunities for exhilarating experiences. In Bhutan, you’ll find plenty of fascinating Dzongs, beautiful temples, and mesmerising natural landscapes. Bhutan offers so much cultural and historical significance, much like its neighbouring Asian countries, but it’s also very different from these countries. Kathmandu is a great place to start because you’ll be able to fully appreciate the stupas, palaces, and the simple hustle and bustle of its crowded streets. Bhutan really is a destination like no other.


Whilst you might not have expected to see this small and rainy destination on the list, England is worth visiting if you’re looking for an exciting travel experience. Starting with the capital, obviously, with give you a real insight into everything that this nation has to offer. London is one of the most famous cities in the world. It offers iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and even modern skyscrapers, such as the Shard. London combines its proud heritage with advanced modern developments to show that it can progress, whilst still honouring its past. Once you’ve seen the main landmarks, make sure you visit the Natural History Museum to see some fascinating exhibits. The Darwin Centre and the Blue Zone (full of dinosaur, mammal, and fish exhibits, along with other things) are definitely two of the best galleries to explore.

Of course, England is more than London. Yet, so many tourists flock to the capital and fail to see many of the other wonderful destinations in this great nation. It’s such a small country, and it seems unnecessary to miss out on other intriguing towns and cities that you could explore. If you head north, you’ll find Manchester. In fact, this city is often dubbed England’s “northern powerhouse”. It’s the country’s second city, in many ways, but it’s not content with that title; it’s been rivalling London for many years. Recently, its skyline has been growing, as skyscrapers soar upwards and start to put Manchester on the international stage. If you’re looking for good food, this city has one of the best vegetarian and vegan scenes in the country. There’s an abundance of options. V-Rev serves some delicious vegan junk food (everything from vegan hot dogs to donut burgers), so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a healthy meal, either. You should try out an escape room in the city, too. There’s a wide array of brands offering intriguing and unique rooms, such as Breakout and Escape Hunt.

Wonderful Destination


Another country that you simply must explore on one of your next great adventures is Egypt. Located in the northeastern corner of Africa, this is a nation that offers a lot of culture and history. It’s a fascinating place to visit. The large and exciting city of Cairo is intriguing, if you’re looking for brilliant market stalls and museums, such as the Egyptian Museum (you’ll find awe-inspiring Tutankhamun exhibits in there). Of course, you’ll want to explore Giza, too. It’s on the outskirts of Cairo, so you won’t have to travel far from the city. Seeing the pyramids and the Great Sphinx for yourself will be a truly unforgettable experience.

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