About Me

Hey Wanderlusters – Welcome to Ms Blissness. I’m Hayley, Adventurous dreamer, free spirit and beach lover who loves to explore destinations around the world. Heath and wellness are also a big part of my life – with yoga as one of my passions. I’m a South African girl but have also lived in London and am now on a quest around the globe with my husband Peter. Join us on our journey for some travel inspiration and a lot of Love and Light xx

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Follow Your Blissness Love & Light Always

Follow your heart, listen to your body and mind, trust your intuition and never stop chasing your dreams. Always be patient, thankful and graceful. Life is wonderful. Just follow your bliss and enjoy your journey. Let your life of Blissness start right here, right now! Through this blog I hope that I can give you the support and inspiration that you need to build a truly blissful life.